I'm trying to find the ratings submitted by users. I think they should be in the Cognigy Insights Dashboard, but I can only see the number of positive ratings. Not the negative ratings and not the comments either.

I have tried submitting the ratings using the thumbs button, automatically using the "Set Rating" node and manually using with the "Request Rating" node.

Can you tell me how to show the positive and negative ratings and the comments?

Thanks and Best Regards.

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  • Hey Niclas,

    Thanks for asking this question here. Did you read the following document?

    Link: https://docs.cognigy.com/insights/transcript-explorer/#inspect-conversation

    There you should be able to see the provided ratings by the user.


    Does this help?




  • Hi Alex,

    thanks for your reply. Yes, I found the ratings in the transcript explorer. But the problem is that I've to go into each conversation to see the rating and comment, right?

    For a good and quick evaluation, I don't like this approach. We have to go through each conversation to see the comment. I can theoretically find out the number of positive/negative ratings via the filter, but not very practically..


    Is there no aggregation so that I see the number of positive/negative ratings and a list of all comments grouped by positive/negative ratings?


    Best regards



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