How to calculate understood messages rate?


I am adding a "Did you understand our answer? yes or no" question at the end of each session, to know if the customer is happy with our solution or not.

When I tried to filter that particular node id(EntityReferenceID) from Executed Steps table and look at the "understood" response of the input ids in Inputs table relevant to that particular node id.

But I do not get the same understood messages % as shown on the Cognigy Insights dashboard app.

Can someone tell me how is the understod messages % calculated?




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  • Hi Vamsi!


    In Cognigy.AI, the input object is updated with every incoming utterance from the user. Its type gets one of the following values: Statement, Command, Greeting, BGreeting, whQuestion, howQuestion, ynQuestion, pAnswer, nAnswer. If the "type" of an input is "Statement" then this is counted as "misunderstood" in the insights dashboard.


    So, it seems like your question and step-based metric will reflect much better the actual understanding of the user by the bot.


    Would that answer your question?


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