I am building a chatbot in which the persistent menu has topics as well as some subtopics related to the topics. Is there any way to implement this use-case. I have 2 concerns.

1. On the UI part(webchat widget), I am trying to replace the persistent menu with a navigation side drawer. Do I have to build the whole persistent menu from the scratch for the UI? If yes, is there any guide available for modifying the components inside the webchat widget or any article which can be a help in implementing this.

2. In the additional configuration options over cognigy, there is no such way to add subtopics in the nested menu. Is there any workaround for this?

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  • Hi Rishabh,


    Yes, I think, you will need to fork our webchat widget code and build your own menu. Check out the sources and documentation in our GitHub repo.

    You can customize your own settings like hierarchical menus by adding your sections to the Webchat Options JSON. Then, in your custom code, you can get this part of the settings and build your menus from there.


    Will that help you?


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