Hi all,
I recently came across a usecase where I have to change localization from a custom menu button rather than from the flow. I'm thinking that this can be handled with transformers but I am not able to implement it myself. If you have some input or if there is a better way to approach this problem, please share with me.

Thank you!

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  • Hi Rishabh,

    I would try the following approach.

    1. The button triggers JS code similar to
      webchat.sendMessage('', {locale: 'de-DE'})  // A data-only message sent back to the flow and not shown to the user
    2. In the beginning of the flow, a Lookup node will check for input.data.locale and for each possible variant have a Switch Locale node.
      If that doesn't work because locale switching should happen anywhere within the flow then you can use an attached flow and a rule intent that fires when input.data.locale is not empty.

    Would it work in your case?

    Alternatively, you can use a transformer which would translate all back and forth messages between the user and the flow language. We have such a transformer in our repo.

  • Thank you Anton!

  • Glad it helped! Let us know if you have more questions


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