I am assuming this is user error. I am building a Web Chat/Voice Gateway Agent.  I have a Say Node "Say yes or no"  Followed by a Wait for Input Node followed by a Say Node "I heard you say <>Text" followed by a Lookup <>Text node with branches for Default, Yes and No.  Each branch has a different Say node to I can tell where it went.  When I test in web chat the lookup happens just like it should. When I try on the phone I always hit the 'Default' node even though "I heard  <>Text" is yes or no depending on what I said.   

Why does Lookup <>Text fail on the phone?  Is there a recommended alternative?




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  • Hi Mike,

    FYI: The Say Node + Wait for Input Node could be replaced by a Question Node. This has the same effect.

    The Voice Gateway adds a period "." at the end of the input, so we need to trim the input from punctuation marks like E.g. periods and commas before hitting the lookup node.
    Also you need to format the input.text into lowercase.
    in this script you do both:

    Add a code node before the lookup Node with this JS

    and in your lookup Node use 'Type' CognigyScript and the 'Operator' = context.answerText.
    Make sure your case values are in lowercase
    That should do it for chat and voice channels.
    Edwin Wortel.
    Solution Architect

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