I have a Lexicon called Product. After the user says something I want to test/branch if a Product Slot was filled and prompt them, more directly, for a product name if it was not.  What is the best way to do that?

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  • I will expand this before anyone answers.

    I would like to test to see if there is a value in a slot and an Intent before I go on.  I have been trying to use "Add to Context" to store the Slot and the Intent Tokens but I can't figure out how to test the tokens for a value.  Any value.

  • Hi,

    All input Text is stored in the input object.

    Based upon the value in the input text you can make decisions with an If-Node, or a Lookup-Node

    In this case I have a lexicon with 'Food' like burgers, Pizza, Salads etc.

    I activated the Expert Mode in the Interaction panel Settings to see if my input hits an Intent and/or a lexicon slot.
    You can also check in the Info --> input tab of the Interaction Panel.

    Based on the value in a found Lexicon Slot I make a decision to go into another branch of the flow.

    In the Lookup Node I entered this operator: input.nlu.detailedSlots.food[0].keyphrase and in the Case-node I look for a particular value (Salade). When that value is an exact match with the value in the Operator, it follows that path.


    Hope to have answered this question,


    Edwin Wortel,
    Solution Architect,


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