Can we include any methodology to automatically add multiple utterances for a Intent..

Example: I want to send money from India to Canada

Logic that can be added:

I [want/would like/wish/want to transfer/want to send] [money/amount] from {India - Lexicon choices} to {Canada - Lexicon choices}  -- Requested Training phrases - 50

When the developers sets logic like this.. Then Cognigy can automatically frame sentence as per this combination possibilities instead of developers creating multiple training phrases manually. 

Automatically generated training phrases:

1. I want to transfer money from USA to Albania

2. I would like to send amount from Sweden to Yemen

3. I wish to send money from UK to India

Like this 50 training phrases will be automatically generated by Cognigy.

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  • I believe this is now solved through the use of generative AI in creating training examples :-)


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