Hello Cognigy,

we are using V3 for one of our clients.
Our current problem is like that:

We are using orchestrator pattern for the "launch" flow.
This launch flow is also handling a very particular data message (let's call it DataMessage) and stores the data into the context.
After the launch flow is completed we are landed in some other flow (we have many of them).
Now, the DataMessage can arrive in unpredictable times, even when we are already switched to another flow.
We still want to handle that DataMessage and store it to the context.
Are there some tricks how this can be done without duplicating the Code Node, that handles the data, in every single Flow.

I've checked the Input Transformers (the idea was to check every input message and write the data to the Context, if needed), but the Context is separated from the SessionStorage, so it was a deadend.

Thank you!



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  • Hi Anton, 

    you can make a dedicated "Handle Data Message" Flow, which only contains a Rule Intent that checks for the data message and the Rule Intent handling. That Flow can then be attached to any of your Flows where you want the data handling functionality, the Code Node would only be in that special Flow.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Chris,
    yes, thank you, that is how I've solved the issue.
    I just hoped, that there is a bit more clever way I'm not aware about.



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