Socket connection is not established in extension

I am trying to create an extension which connects with one of the third party service using But I am not getting the socket connection related callbacks at all.

When I run the same logic locally using node, it works. But does not work when I deploy it as an extension.

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  • Hey Chaitanya,

    What exactly is your aim of using a Socket connection in an Extension? I am asking since an Extension is supposed to execute one short task and then forward the information to the Cognigy.AI Flow -- such as calling an API or providing a custom Flow Node. However, your requested functionality could be implemented by using our Socket Endpoint and the included Endpoint Transformer Functions.

    More information about Socket and Endpoint Transformers:

    Does this help?


    Please feel free to ping me again here in order to discuss alternative solutions.




  • Thanks Alex for the guidance.

    I agree that I can use the Socket Endpoint and the custom flow node can be used to call a REST API to get my work done.

    In case I use a Socket Endpoint, my client will have a single connection with that endpoint. If the flow assigned to the endpoint is in the middle of the execution, is it possible to execute another instance of the same flow without impacting the already executing flow? Or in other words, can a flow assigned to the endpoint be executed by the client twice or more times simultaneously on the same connection?


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