I am trying to use an HTTP response from one flow, on another flow. Is this possible?

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  • Hey Vincent,

    Could you please provide an example for me?




  • Example: I have a flow that collects user inputs, and use it as a HTTP body for a POST. The response to the HTTP post is then displayed to the user. 

    Is there any way I could save this response and use it in another flow for the same user? 

    PS: I like to always simplify my flows and then connect them using "Go-To"

  • Hey Vincent,

    Sure, simplifying the structure of a Cognigy.AI project is part of our best practices. In order to provide the result of your HTTP Request to other Flows, the Cognigy Context can be used. With this feature, the result is stored temporarily during the time of the conversation with the user. This means, that all Flows can read and use the result.


    In order to do so, please find the Storage Options section in the HTTP Request Node:

    In this section, one can select the Context as storage location and then define a key for the stored result, such as response. Now, the information can be used in a Say Node, for example, by using Cognigy Script:

    Hey, the result is {{context.response.result}}. 


    Does this help?






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