I installed the cognigy extension in other to use the "Get Conversation Flow" Node to save the chat history in the context for later use.

I got the API Key from Cognigy and I use the following OData Base URL: https://odata-trial.cognigy.ai.

Unfortunately I always get an error in my flow. It states: Error while executing custom module.

Can you help solve this issue?

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  • Hey Joel,

    Let me try to help you and figure out where this issue is coming from:

    1. Did you make sure that you have the global admin rights in Cognigy.AI?
    2. OData Base URL: https://odata-trial.cognigy.ai
    3. Conversation User ID: {{ci.userId}}
    4. Conversation Session ID: {{ci.sessionId}}
    5. Advanced - Output Type: JSON
    6. Storage Option: Context - cognigy.conversation

    The OData Base URL depends on the Cognigy.AI installation you are using

    Could you please double-check and come back to me?


    Best and Thanks



  • Hello Alex,

    As I read in the how to's, you have admin rights if you are able to generate the API Key under your profile section. I did not check it further as I could generate the key. All the remaining information are correct, as I double-checked with what you wrote in your previous message.

    I still don't know what the issue might be.

  • Hey again Joel,

    Okay, thanks for the response. I will write you an email in order to schedule a short call where we can fix this together :)


    Thanks and Best


  • Hey Alexander,

    Thanks. I really appreciate it.


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