Flow stops after answering optional question

Hello there,

I've come across a strange behavior with the Optional Question nodes. My case: Finding contact information. When the intent is triggered without context (name, product, function) the user is asked which product the user is interested in with an Optional Question taking slot answers. If the user gives a valid answer, the flow continues as intended, but stops right where the On Answer and On Question paths meet. Any nodes set below this are not triggered anymore (they're triggered once after the question, following the On Question node though, not sure if that's the cause). Below is a screenshot of how the flow stops when the answer is given.

My work-around for this is using the Go To -node in the On Answer flow, pointing to the next node we want to trigger. This works, but it adds extra complexity that would need to be considered if the flow is changed in the future. Is there a better way to handle this? Thank you in advance!

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  • Hi Tiira,

    many thanks for reporting this behavior. We create an internal work item for this case.
    So it will be assigned to one of the next sprints and should be resolved then.


  • Hi Sebastian!

    Happy to hear that. Thank you!



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