Moving on from a Question node to another intent

Hello everyone!

I have a question regarding Question-nodes and "escaping" the question into another intent. For example, I have a Question-node asking for the user’s email address so they can leave a contact request on the bot. If the user doesn’t give a valid answer, it won’t move on, even though another intent is picked up. The flow remains there until a valid email is given. Is this intended behavior? Is there a best practice method for moving on from a question?

I tested the Escalation options to see if it could be “escaped” in another way, like a "cancel" intent responding to a few keywords in this case. It works in escaping the flow, but it won’t direct me to the node in the corresponding intent flow (either by node ID, by selection from the dropdown or even from the start node). Once the intent is triggered, the flow goes to start and stops there until the next input from the user. Injecting data doesn't change this behavior either. Below is the settings I have in place. Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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  • Hey Ville,


    is this still relevant after our last meeting?




  • Hi Alex!

    Sorry, I forgot to update here. The escalation options, (both wrong answer and intent escalation) were the key to success with this problem.

    Thanks again for your assistance!



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