Answered Returning to another flow with a sentence

I have a Flow sequence but I wish to make certain sentences like "About my company" or "Company Solutions" to redirect the conversation from any part to the start of those flows.

In example:

User: Hi can you show me your products

start products flow

Chatbot: Here are your options

User: About your company

start About your company flow.


Starting on this Cognigy world and would appreciate any help. 

Thank you.

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    Hey Humberto,

    Thanks for playing around with Cognigy.AI! :) In order to make this work, you can use the Go To or Execute Flow Node:

    • Go To
    • This one jumps to another Flow and stays there until you jump back with another Go To Node
    • Execute Flow
    • This one executes another Flow one time and automatically jumps back when all includes Flow Nodes are executed.

    For a better project structure in Cognigy.AI, I would recommend using the Orchestrator Pattern (Best Practice):


    In addition to that, please follow these two helpful Gettting Started Guides:

    1. Getting Started with Cognigy.AI
    2. Video Trainings


    Does this help?




  • First of all, thank you for your answer Alexander, but I think you didn't understand what I was asking.

    I'm trying to have an always listening situation where if in any part of the flow the user wishes to send a message, with that message go to the flow conected to it. like if the user say FAQ in any question node it will send him to the FAQ flow, with go to and execute flow I would have to prepare a node to receive that input from the user, right? If I'm getting how to use it wrong, please could you give me an example of how to use those nodes in the desired situation?

  • Hi Humberto,

    I would recommend trying the "Attached flows" feature, as described here:

    Essentially it means that all the intents from the attached flows will be mapped together. You can access any intent in the attached flows as if they were in the one the user starts with.

    Keep in mind, that if you have a massive intent structure or if the intents are close to each other in different flows, it may bring some new challenges.

    A couple of questions for you to consider:

    1. Are your intents in different flows handling similar topics that could cause extra overlap if combined? I.e. list of products & product details (sales flow), product return (customer service flow), product repairs (maintenance flow) etc.

    2. Is there any other reason to keep them isolated, unless a specific action is completed? These could be hygienic reasons (internal/external users) or to keep the conversation in a specific topic / function until otherwise specifically asked.

    I hope this helps! :)


  • Thank you Ville,

    I'll try this solution, sounds like what I was looking for.


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