Always give preference to one Intent over another

I have a situation where I, when a user enters some text that contains a variation of the word 'renewal', I would like to tag the 'renewals' Intent even if the phrase contains one or more additional Intent NLSs. For instance, we have Intents for Licensing and Support.  If someone says 'I need support for licensing renewal' I always want 'renewal' to be the winner.  Is there any way to insure that or make it more likely?

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  • Hi Mike,

     This sounds like a perfect situation to use a 'Rule' in a Cognigy Intent.

    If a Rule is true for a given input, the Intent will be detected with certainty, and will in fact return a score of 1 as well. Rules work alongside the 'Machine Learnt' example sentences - So only one or the other needs to match to trigger the intent.

    In your case, I suggest that you can add this Rule to your existing Intent: (Find 'Rules' below the training sentences):


    So, this will match "about renewals", "Renewal problem" and things like that.

    If you want to capture even the word "renew", then simply use that in the includes() test instead.

    I hope that works for you. Cheers!


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