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I can't find the documentation to tell me how to configure my web chat end point to pop up the dialog box automatically, without clicking on the icon.

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    Hi Mike,


    You can find the Embedding documentation for the Cognigy Webchat here: If you want to open the webchat automatically, the Webchat API can be used:


    When you use the following code, the webchat will be opened automatically after the website is loaded:

    initWebchat('...').then(webchat => {;

    Does this help you?





  • Brilliant.  Works like a charm!


  • How do i make my chat start automatically. In my case I always type Hello, or give it an Intent to start. 

    I want it to start automatically with the first Say node

  • I don't see the documentation I think exists but I will try to explain how.

    Go to Deploy/Endpoints in your Agent.

    Click on "Web Chat Configuration" to expand

    In Auto Start Behavior
    Choose "Auto Send a Message to the Bot"

    Under Payload I use "GET_STARTED" Not sure if that is the required phrase or the suggested one.

    Change "Welcome Text"  as desired.

    Here is the problem.  You can't test this in the Flow Designer.  It will not auto-start.  You can test it from the End Point configuration page (top right) or from any deployed web page.


    Hope this helps


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