Answered Capture input from user (into a token?) to use it later

I want to capture the first thing the use says and store it for later use. I am familiar with creating a token but I don't now how to get the user input into a token.  I was thinking the "Add to Context" might be help but I can't find a way to use it.

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    Hey Mike,

    thank you for your request. Please take a look at the following example which shows how to solve your problem:


    First, use the Add To Context node in your flow. Define the Context Key, such as "userInput" and configure that the user text is the value.


    Then, add a Say node after the Add To Context node. There, define a simple text, such as "You said" and klick on the button on the right side to create a new token:

    Afterward, the following popup window will be opened:


    Such as displayed in the image, you need to give the token a name and tell Cognigy, which script it should use behind this token. In your case, you want to use the userInput value that is stored in the context. 


    Now you can save it and use the token in the Say node:


    In the end, it will look like:


    Does this help you with your problem?




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