Answered Rearrange Case Notes in a Lookup

It would be nice to be able to rearrange case nodes in a Lookup.  Click and drag might  be too much to ask for so cut and insert would be enough.  


I created a lookup with about a dozen cases which I put in alphabetic order. Then I figured out that I needed to add one but my only option was to add it on the far right.

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    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your request.


    Drag & Drop Cases in Lookup:

    You can drag and drop Cases in a Lookup node such as nodes in the flow:




  • Hi Alex,

      My experience is different from you. I get a 'no-can-do' symbol when I pick up a case node and can't find anyplace where it will drop.  



  • Hi Mike,

    Have you tried dragging the "ShareScan" Node to one of the circles inbetween the other "case" Nodes?
    You should be able to drop it there, the "no-can-co" cursor type should change.

    Best Regards,


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