I have setup default context. Numbers for keys and dates for values. "101": "1/1/2011" and so on. This number is used to decode a serial number. I am super new to this, talking day 1 here. I am simply trying to access the data by using {{cc.101}} but I get nothing. If I add to the context in the flow, like "hello": "world" and I say {{cc.hello}}, I get world back. Can someone clarify what I am missing??

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    Hello Patrick,

    Thanks for your community request. You are almost right with your solution, however, when you use a number as a context key accessing this value is a bit different. Please take a look at my example:





    Please find more about the Cognigy Context here: https://docs.cognigy.com/docs/context

    This should work for you as well.


    Best Regards


  • THANK YOU!!!


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