Has anyone had/solved this problem?  When I am editing a flow and use the mouse wheel to zoom out it goes from 25% to 200% with one wheel click. When I zoom in it goes from 200% to 25% with one click.  I am using 32" monitor.  When I Ctl Zoom in a other browser windows it zooms in and out 10% per click as expected.  I can use the + and - to zoom 25% at a time in flows.

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    Hi Mike, Thank you for reaching out. I created a ticket (ID #2869) with Cognigy Support to explore this issue. Thanks!

  • Hi Sebastian,

      Thanks. I was going to record reproducing the issue and discovered something interesting but I don't know what it really means. If you focus (click on) another app (like notepad) on your desktop and then try to scroll over your Cognigy browser window without focusing on the window the zooming with the wheel works as expected, 5% per wheel click. As soon as to focus on the browser (any window any tab) zooming again goes from 25% to 200% and back.  Let me know if you what a recorded reproduce case.  

  • First I'll say that this might be a mute point.  It appears that it works fine in all cases if I just Ctl-scroll instead of just scroll.

    - are any specific steps necessary for the issue to appear?
          No. Just open a flow and wheel over it

    - which operating system are you running?
        Windows 10
    - which browser (and version) were you using where you had that issue?
        Chrome 85.0.4183.121
    - you mentioned that the issue was not present in another browser if I read that correctly. Which browser and version were that?
        Same browser, different computer. 22" monitor.
    - you mentioned using a 32" display. Do you have your "display scaling" set to 100% or something different in system settings?
    - is your browser "zoomed in"? If yes, which zoom factor do you have?
        Behavior is the same at all browser zoom levels




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