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I'm trying to deal with the salutations / greetings within a chat at the beggining of a conversation but I'm really not able to make it flow "naturally".  I mean, lets imagine the user opens the chat and when opened then Cognigy instantly gives the intro something like "Welcome to...".  Then it's waiting for user's input.

Then we have two input options here: 

1. The user can say something like "Hi","Hello", "Good morning", "Mushrooms" or whatever not really related to the intents.


2. The user can directly start with the inquiries without any salutation, hitting then the intents. 


The issue I've found here and I'm dealing with, have to do with the 1st case: Salutations or out of the box inputs.

- If the user says "Hello, etc", I am not able to find any way for the flow to understand that "Hi or Hello " is just a salutation. So it should wait for more input.

Of course best case would be if the user says "Hi", then the bot answers "Hello, how can I help you?" or whatever and then the User gives the input which contains the Intent. That would be great, but we know this won't always happen :D

BUT, imagine after the "Hello, how can I help you?" the user says again something like "Yes, hi" or  "Hey, good morning" or whatever different from the Intents. Well, my flow automatically takes that to "Sorry I don't understand that.. 


 And I would expect the flow to identify that it is still a salutation and it shouldn't look for any specific intent yet, but just wait for more input for some time or similar...

Is there any kind of node to handle this? Or the best way is just to create a new Intent including all salutations? 


Thank you


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