in my chat, I enabled STT and tested it in the Webchat URL and it ok and listing to Arabic very well as in the image below 


but after embedding the chat in the webpage  and pronouncing the same words in Arabic, but it is written in English  as below



I configure the language as in the image below 




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  • Hi Amr,

    I checked the source code of the Webchat Widget. It creates the Speech Recognition object with the default settings. As Mozilla docs say:

    If not specified, this defaults to the HTML lang attribute value, or the user agent's language setting if that isn't set either.

    Can you try setting the HTML lang attribute in your page?

    I also noticed that in this line, it changes the STT language to settings.STTLanguage, which, however, is not documented. You can still try it and see what happens. Add this setting to other settings, which you pass when initializing the webchat with initWebchat.

    I hope this helps

  • thank you for your suggestion I found this in the setting 

      STTLanguage: ""

    which i can set the initial language while initializing the webchat 

    from here

  • Perfect, glad that it worked for you.


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