Introducing Cognigy.AI Help Center

Welcome to the Cognigy.AI Help Center!

Our mission at Cognigy: Leading the automation of conversations to make life easier for everyone. And with everyone, for sure we mean developers and conversational architects - those hard-working minds who leverage the Cognigy.AI platform to turn ideas into reality.

The Cognigy.AI Help Center will guide you to

  • create your own Virtual Agents, with or without any prior bot building experience
  • make your Virtual Agents super smart and easy to use for end customers
  • let your Virtual Agents interact on hundreds of channels via chat or voice
  • embed your Virtual Agents deep and seamless into your ecosystem and IT landscape
  • learn best practices and gather expert know-how from Cognigy's experience from thousands of projects

While we build our comprehensive knowledge base, check out our resources:

Let's build some amazing conversational experiences! 



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