Cognigy.AI Flow Developer Training

The Cognigy.AI Flow Developer Training explains advanced concepts of Cognigy.AI and enables you to build complex, powerful Virtual Agents.

If you have no prior bot-building experience, please watch the Cognigy.AI Foundation Training for a general introduction.

Trainer: Derek Roberti
Playtime: 160 minutes
Last update: 2021-02-01
Version: Cognigy.AI v4.1

Chapter 1: Understanding the Input and the Context

See what's going on behind the curtains and use Input & Context to build complex conversational logic.

You'll find an example CSV file at the bottom of this article if you want to follow along.

Chapter 2: Simplyfying Flows with Go To

Break conversations down into seperate flows to handle complex interactions

Chapter 3: Using HTTP Requests to Access External Data

Retrieve data and execute commands using HTTP Request Nodes

Chapter 4: Using Slot Fillers to make conversations flow naturally

How Slot Fillers enable natural conversations by avoiding redundant bot questions

Chapter 5: Speak your customers' language with Locales

Use Locales to build multi-lingual bots at scale

Chapter 6: Manage Agents with Snapshots

Capture, restore, export & import Virtual Agents with Snapshots

Chapter 7: Testing Flows with Playbooks

See how Playbooks are used to continuously test Virtual Agents by simulating user input

Chapter 8: Personalizing Conversations with Profiles

Leverage User Profiles to store contact-specific data while staying compliant with data protection regulations

Chapter 9: Publishing Flows with Endpoints

Learn how to publish Virtual Agents to a variety of channels using Endpoints

Chapter 10: Coding with CognigyScript

Customize Cognigy.AI and create advanced conversational experiences with CognigyScript

Example files



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