This video series is for you if you're new to Cognigy.AI and would like a quick tour: It will provide you step-by-step guidance from finding your way into Cognigy.AI, getting help, understanding the UI up to successfully rolling out your first Virtual Agent. Enjoy the training!

If you're looking for a comprehensive video class, visit the Cognigy.AI Foundation Training.

Trainer: Derek Roberti
Playtime: 27 minutes

Chapter 1: Getting Help

Learn about Cognigy's resources and documentation.

Chapter 2: Where Do I Click?

Familiarize yourself with the Cognigy.AI user interface.

Chapter 3: Let's Learn More About NLU

Get to know Cognigy's Natural Language Understanding and make your Virtual Agent smart.

Chapter 4: Let's Build Something!

Build a Virtual Agent that flexibly responds to user input.

Bonus Episode: Let's Build Something More!

In this chapter we'll go much deeper and look at Lexicons, Intents, Slot Fillers, Flows, Extensions, Question nodes, Context, Copy Data to Context, Extensions, Webchat Plugins, Endpoints, CSS customization and Embedding on a website. Have fun!



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