Cognigy-CLI is a series of tools meant to aid Cognigy.AI developers in maintaining local copies of their virtual agent projects. 



   Watch Cognigy Sessions Episode "CLI & API" for a technical deep dive

As a software developer or dev-ops engineer, one may be used to common principles, such as Continous Integration / Development (CD/CI) or versioning using git. Even if Cognigy already provides the concept of Snapshots for automatic versioning which can be maintained by using the Open API, a developer might want to use the mentioned git tools and push changes to an internal repository. 

Next to this one example, one could use the Cognigy-CLI for the following processes:

  • Maintaining resources locally
  • Download intents to automatically translate them
  • Train intents automatically
  • Use local scripts to change various parts of the virtual agent
  • and so on ...

This tutorial series explains how to use the CLI.


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  • Apperently this CLI-Tool is fast enough to DDOS Cognigys own servers ;)

    Be warned, running 4 CLI-Tasks in parallel, to clone a bunch of projects to disk, ramped up regular API-Calls up to 14s+ response time.
    Use this with care.


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