Use Journeys to learn more about Cognigy.AI

Journeys are series of steps that help you and your team discover the full power of Cognigy.AI.

Cognigy.AI contains a number of inbuilt Journeys which will guide you through using Cognigy.AI step-by-step, starting with simple "Getting Started" Journeys and getting deeply technical with our "Developer" Journeys.

You can find information about Journeys in three locations, each with varying level of details about the individual Journey steps.

  1. On your Agent Dashboard on the Journey Widget (low detail)
  2. On top of the screen in the Journey Details (medium details)
  3. In the Help Center (full details)

The Journey Widget

Right on your Agent Dashboard you will find the Journey Widget. This widget displays the Journey you have currently selected and the steps to go through. Completed steps are highlighted in green and the widget always selects the next step to carry out.

The Journey Widget

Journey Details

On top of the Cognigy.AI user interface, a Journey button mceclip1.png appears once you have selected a Journey. When clicking this button, you will see the current Journey Step in a lot more detail. You can also change your current Journey or see more details in the Help Center.

The Journey Details are available from every page in Cognigy.AI, making it easy to follow the steps in-context.

Journey Details

Journeys in the Help Center

Every Journey is available in even more detail in the Help Center (this website). You can always find the Journeys here: or by clicking the "View Step in Help Center" link on the Journey Details page.



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